Top Summer Festival Looks: From bright colors, bold prints and fun jewelry!

 Summertime has always been everyones favorite time of the year. Not only does it mark the time of year that school is officially out, but music festival season. From Ultra Music Festival in sunny Miami, Florida to Coachella in the valley of Indio, California, you always want to be dressed comfortably and stylish.


We put together some of our favorite summertime top festival looks:




Adding a fringe piece to your outfit adds an instant western look. You can go for a fringe jacket or a fringe bag. Luckily, fringe comes in any color so you can go for a neutral or a bright cobalt blue for a pop of color.


Bright Colors:


Adding bright colors to your wardrobe makes you stand out in the crowd. This Hot Tamale Dress is the “hottest” dress you can add to your closet. The high-low along with the subtle jean top goes perfectly together. You can dress is up with wedges or for a more relaxed look with sandals. You can also brighten up an outfit with a bright Infinity T-Shirt Scarf! 






High Waisted Shorts:


High Waisted shorts are a must have for this summer. Not only are they comfortable, they go perfectly with crop tops. They come in every color and can be worn with a variety of tops. You can go with a shorter crop top or a loose lace top. 





 Crop Tops:

Crop tops are the best way to beat the heat during the summer. They can be worn anyway that is most comfortable to your style. Some prefer loose crop tops while other like a more tighter style crop top. The Amazing Fringe Crop Top has fringe and a crop top all in one look.




Fun Jewelry:


Bright, big jewelry takes any normal outfit to the next level and adds a feminine touch. Whether you’re into big necklaces or earrings, accessorizing is what brings an entire outfit together. This Cascading Raindrop Necklace can be worn with just about any outfit. It can be purchased in Teal to add to a neutral outfit for a pop of color, or in Black to neutralize a bright top. If you’re more into earrings, these Dangle Flower Earrings pair perfectly with any outfit. They come in practically every color so they easily match any outfit.




Bold Prints:


Animal, tribal and flower prints have been made a must-have statement piece this summer. You can wear bold dresses,leggings, tops, the list is endless. Wearing a neutral piece with a bold print makes the print really noticeable. 




Maxi Skirt:



Cute Bags:

 Every girl has to complete their look with a perfect bag.If you like to carry a lot of things you can use a back-pack style bag. You can always go for a smaller bucket bag  or messenger bag if you don’t want to carry a back-pack. Luckily, bags come in all types of fabrics like suede,leather and even plastic. The “Cross my Heart Cross-Body” can be easily worn all day and is big enough to hold all your essentials. Pair this bag with a bold print and you’ll be best dressed at any summer festivity. Find one that comfortable fits with your outfit and you’re set to go!



Music Festivals are always a lot of fun and the best part is listening to amazing music and hanging out with friends. A bad sunburn can always ruin a perfect day so don’t forget to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!