4 reasons to shop fashion boutiques

4 reasons to shop fashion boutiques

As progress has revolutionized how we purchase almost everything, one important aspect of the shopping experience has been lost. Amongst Amazon, Nordstrom, and Walmart transactions to name a few, consumers have forgotten what it's like to experience personal service. Fashion boutiques have not forgotten this, it's at the core of who we are. Read on to find out why you should consider rekindling personal service oriented shopping at a small fashion boutique.

Here at The Pink Nickel, we hear this all the time:  “I have a wedding to attend this weekend and need something to wear, HELP!”. In these situations, who do you turn to for style help? Department stores have lots of inventory however they aren’t going to work with you to pick something out that’s truly special. Additionally, department store sales associates are usually too focused on commission and unfamiliar with all the items they carry. How could they possibly help you find your best look? This is where local fashion boutiques come in. First, we’ll reveal a couple of common misconceptions about boutiques and then give you four reasons why you should choose boutique shopping for your next style purchase!

  • Boutiques are too expensive | False

  • Fashion boutiques carry a wide range of items from designer to affordable. Also, at The Pink Nickel, we can help with wardrobe choices that fit any budget!

  • Boutiques do not carry large sizes | False

  • We love our curvy ladies!! Many women avoid boutiques for this reason however The Pink Nickel carries lots of plus sizes and due to our close fashion vendor relationships, can usually fulfill any size requests.

    Now that we’ve dispelled some common misconceptions about boutiques, let’s dive into four reasons for boutique shopping!

    1) Boutiques are more personal. For a lot of women, style and fashion are an extremely important part of daily life. It feels good to look good and feeling good breeds confidence! The question becomes, how can someone help you with your style if they don’t take the time to really know you? Boutique shopping, especially local shops like The Pink Nickel, are family owned and operated. We hand pick every stunning outfit from boutique dresses, tops, bottoms, to outerwear and accessories, and we actually try on every piece of clothing in our store. Because we are so intimate with our selection process, we can confidently provide the best possible style advice to you.

    2) Boutiques are more fun!!! What fashionista doesn’t love having a great time while you shop? Have a one-on-one conversation, lay out some outfits, and do some try-ons! Choosing and trying on styles in a boutique experience is night and day compared to impersonal department stores. We actually wait for you and provide fit and style assistance for each item you try on. The difference is stark, It's like 1960s air service vs today’s.

    3) Shop Small. Feel Good. Supporting small businesses directly impacts the community around you. Even buying online through small businesses is a great way to feel good about where your money is going. Large corporations often donate to special interests you may or may not agree with. Many boutiques, like The Pink Nickel, work with local charities and sponsor events in and around the community. In this ever changing business climate, it is more important than ever to support small family businesses over large corporations.

    4) Unique Product Offering. The fact is that many designers like Joseph Ribkoff and Frank Lyman for example, only deal with boutiques because the large department stores insist on private labeling them. As a result, boutiques like The Pink Nickel, are able to carry several unique brands and styles, and we refresh with exciting new arrivals throughout each week!! Every boutique is going to have a different offering which makes it both special and unique.

    Whether you’re shopping in a physical store or online, fashion boutique shopping is always a more personal and pleasant experience. For the online experience, this means answering fit and style questions via chat or on a call or even scheduling a video call to choose an outfit! In-store, we take the time to know you and connect each piece to you with love.