How To: Transition Your Dresses into the Colder Months

It can’t be just our imagination - we’re seeing dresses EVERYWHERE! Every major fashion magazine is featuring dresses for Fall. From Vogue to Seventeen, from Maxi to mini, dresses are here to stay ladies.

Down South, we don’t have too much of a temperature drop till well into Winter. Even though we all love the warmer weather down here, we still want to be on trend!That being said, we’ve got some great ways for you to extend the life of all those gorgeous summery dresses we know you stocked up on this year.

First, let’s talk about the style of cute trendy dresses. Maxi’s are the best style of dress to transition, and we’re seeing them everywhere. Basic maxi’s like our Race Back To Me dress are perfect for layering and restyling come seasonal changes. The neutral color (it comes in black and nude!) lets it easily transcend any one style.

One trend we love is overlaying. What I mean by that is putting a tee or crop top over something you wouldn’t normally think to. For example, our Carefree Crop layers beautifully over that maxi dress, adding some texture and a color pop. The fringe keeps it playful, and the colors will combine with a lot of jewelry you have on hand so you can restyle those too! Playing with pieces in different ways can be a great way to spice up your wardrobe without spending a lot of money.

We love all those colorful cute trendy dresses too! Brights have moved into Fall and Winter’s territory now too and we can’t get enough. Our Through the Kaleidoscope dress is fall perfect with our Easy as Riding a Bike leather jacket over top! Can you say mixing prints and textures?! It’s an instant obsession.

Layering sweaters or cardigans is also a great way to keep those dresses in rotation and not pushed to the back of your closets this season. They add color to plain outfits and keep us warm so we don’t have to shiver the night away when we do want to wear those dresses. Our Sweet Cherry Blossom wrap is a GREAT way to mix in prints! We love it over maxis, skinny jeans and tees, leggings… you name it, we love it. This piece adds texture, color and warmth to any outfit! It’s a wonderful investment piece because you will use it over and over again. Try it over a black maxi or even a cocktail dress for added depth! And it’s a conversation starter to boot! Score!

Another great way to extend the life of your dresses is by adding tights. We love them because they’re so versatile. You can find them in literally every pattern and color imaginable. From cutouts to geometric shapes, fun colors to basic opaque, there are tights for every occasion. Wear these under any shorter style dress to keep you warm when the temperatures dip. Add some of our Easy Rider boots or any fall colored bootie and you’ve got a brand new outfit with pieces you already own!

We’re all about saving money and working with our existing wardrobes. Keep these tips in mind when you’re styling that date night outfit or stumble across a dress you loved all summer. You don’t have to give them up girls!

Holiday dresses will soon be in store! Spoiler alert – some of them sparkle!! Eeekk!! We can’t wait! They’ll be here soon ladies, so stay tuned!


The Pink Nickel