Boutique Therapy: A Fashion Story

Boutique Therapy: A Fashion Story

Here at The Pink Nickel, we adore hearing your stories about how we could provide the best experience possible! It's why we do what we do! Check out this Boutique Fashion Hero Story!

Carrie’s Story:

I do feel so much better when I look great but who has the time to go shopping around for a spring or summer wardrobe! Obviously we go to Costco and Walmart for huge carloads of everything for the house and kids, which takes all day 🥱. I mean, Walmart clothes are great for the kids and all but this mama is a fashion girl at heart! This working mom barely has enough time to grab wardrobe necessities let alone bother with multiple shops and all the hassle that comes with shopping at the Town Center!

So…that used to be me until I found The Pink Nickel boutique! My problem was always centered around my busy schedule, and all the hassle involved in shopping for myself really made fashion buying a dreaded chore. If I needed a dress for a wedding it was like nails on a chalkboard until I found my favorite boutique!! The Pink Nickel changed all of that and now my wardrobe is always fresh and exciting! I get so many compliments and questions (where did you get that?) from my friends and coworkers which makes me feel pretty and confident!

It all started when we were out one weekend to grab a bite at a local restaurant in Julington Creek. While we were waiting for a table I went into this charming women’s boutique on the corner (The Pink Nickel). I could already tell when I walked in that it was so my style. I was not sure what to expect from a small boutique however the family atmosphere really made me feel welcome. 

As I browsed through the most beautiful selection of trendy clothes, Angela quickly asked how she could help and we started up a conversation. The next thing I know, I had tried on several outfits and was having so much fun! How did I not know about this place until now?! Angela and The Pink Nickel turned a dreaded chore into an experience I get really excited about! My experience at The Pink Nickel is very similar to scheduling a massage or a spa day! In fact, I call it my “boutique therapy”. The girls make it so much fun and I can get styles all in one place with no hassle!

Some of my favorite things…

  • Angela and Julie (Angela’s Mom) put outfits and accessories together for me to try on! Then they actually spend time with me to make sure I’m getting the right styles for me! I love getting their opinions, and knowing that they hand select each style means a lot to me. I trust they won’t let me make a fashion faux pas or push me into something that isn’t for me.  
  • My friends who sadly live so far away can find all my favs at I know it's not the same as going to the store but I do grab new arrivals online because certain hot items do sell out so fast, plus if I really have a crazy schedule I can chat or message Angela on facebook and she’ll suggest outfits online for me also!
  • Angela started going live on facebook every Sunday and Wednesday!! So many outfits and prizes!! I absolutely love shopping in the evening after the kids are in bed! Angela tries everything on and I’m able to pick up or have them delivered to my house. It's really a fun time and I feel connected to my other boutique sisters!

So if you are like me, a busy working Mom and either tired of department store shopping or just don’t have time to walk around putting outfits together on your own, try some “boutique therapy” at The Pink Nickel in Julington Creek! The girls will make you feel like family.

- ❤️  Carrie

Also, here are a few of my new favorite outfits from The Pink Nickel!!

OMG I love this outfit from Charlie B! Sleeveless linen top (the side buttons are so cute) plus these super gorgeous palazzo pants. It’s sooo my style and you’re not gonna find this at the Town Center ladies! 

Linen Top and floral Palazzo Pants

This sleeveless jumper is my new go to for work or going out! It's so lightweight and comfy I could actually sleep in it lol. 



I love everything about this halter neck mini dress from Jade!! 😍 It's my new date night favorite! 

Halter Neck Mini Dress