Easter Outfit Planning

Easter Outfit Planning

Spring has arrived and Easter is upon us once again. That means it is time to put together the perfect outfit. This is one of the most exciting holidays to dress for because spring brings to mind many of the trending patterns and colors we are seeing in today’s clothing. Whether you will be going to an Easter service, enjoying dinner with family and friends, or simply hanging out and enjoying a day off, The Pink Nickel is sure to have the look and style you are in search of. 

The Perfect Easter Dress

Dresses are ideal for Easter Sunday church service as well as a dinner out in your favorite restaurant. No matter how you plan to celebrate the holiday, you can't go wrong with this option. There are some pretty amazing prints available, along with solids that range from 

the soft pastels that we all associate with spring to the bold bright colors that make you feel empowered. Gingham is trending big this year, and stripes are making a huge comeback.  Vertical stripes create a slender appearance, while horizontal stripes allow for fierce color blocking. 

Narrow down your options by deciding on the length first. Minis are always fun and youthful, while midis are the traditional favorite. Either one can be worn with leggings or tights underneath for a more modest look that is well suited to the Easter holiday. Don't shy away from maxis, the long flowing appearance shouts that spring is in the air. 

Something Less Formal

If dresses are a bit too much for your Easter holiday, consider a jumpsuitThese fashionable one-piece outfits have a casual feel, but they can pass for formal easily. They have the same look as a maxi, but they provide all of the comfort and convenience of pants. You will discover many versions at The Pink Nickel in both solids and seasonally inspired prints.

Jumpsuits offer several options when it comes to spring clothing. Wear them with a belt to accentuate the waistline, and don't be afraid of going with a strapless version for Easter. They look stunning when paired with an open-front cardigan. Cardigans are available in short, medium, and long lengths as well as a variety of colors. Each one gives your jumpsuit a completely different style, so try on several before making a final decision. 

The Casual Look

Not everyone plans a formal gathering for Easter, and that is okay. You can still have fun putting together a boutique look for a springtime picnic or even a day of rest spent at home. 

Start by choosing a beautiful top that allows you to enjoy this wonderful time of

year in Jacksonville. This year's tops are confident and feminine. Once you begin looking, you will discover cute sleeveless tie-front shirts that are super comfy. For something a bit different, many of the knits have three-quarter sleeves that work beautifully in the spring. Remember, any top can be dressy when you look for accents like crochet trim, peplum wastes, or embroidered details. 

Now that you have the perfect top, it is time to find the right bottom. Cropped denim pants will help you create a carefree image that is perfectly suited to any outdoor Easter celebration. Skorts are quite popular when it comes to the look of a skirt without the fuss. Ruffled versions are fun and flirty, while many have a more sophisticated appeal. Choose smocked pants for a dressed-up look without having to give up comfort. 

Choosing the Right Shoes

Believe it or not, shoes can make or break an outfit. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy a time when just about anything goes. You don't like walking in heels? No problem. Today's flats are just as cute, and you won't have to spend the day with your feet hurting. 

For a trendy look, consider ankle boots. These have been a staple in everyone’s wardrobe for many years now, but they no longer only appear on cold and cloudy days. Pair an adorable ankle boot with any skirt for a fun and lighthearted style. 

Casual outfits look stunning when you choose a sandal for spring. This season is making the most of chunky heels, but wedge sandals and espadrilles are just as sweet. These match perfectly with cropped pants and midis where you want to show off the ankle. 

If you will be spending your Easter outside, you want to know your shoes will be suited to any terrain. Flats and slides give you the best of both worlds. You can easily manage on any surface, but they still have that cute and stylish appearance that is so important to any outfit.

Be Prepared with a Spring Jacket

While spring brings to mind sunny bright 

days with the flowers in bloom, Jacksonville weather can be unpredictable. Don't let an unexpected drop in temperature, or a passing shower, ruin your outfit. The Pink Nickel has several spring jackets available. 

Cute prints and gingham shout springtime, and they are sure to match your pastel ensemble. Neutrals and solids are another versatile option that looks stunning in most situations, but don’t rule out bold hues. Bright colors make a fashion statement you will love to wear. 

Twill jackets are often shorter in length and lend themselves well to spring styles. Even a raincoat can be fashionable. Today’s versions are no long oversized, rubber-looking jackets. Instead, they are made from lightweight, soft materials that are water repellent. With a belt, they can actually be quite flattering.

We can't discuss jackets without mentioning the shacket. This is an amazing breakthrough in the world of fashion. The shacket has the look of a button-front shirt along with the warmth and comfort of a well-loved jacket. These work in both casual and formal wardrobes. 

Use Accessories to Bring It All Together

Accessories are the crowning touch to your Easter holiday. The latest styles are perfectly suited to spring with trendy floral accents. Beaded floral earrings are beautiful, and they work for both casual and formal clothing. Consider hoops covered in florals for a whimsical take on spring, or simply go with a bold daisy design. Tassels are also popular, and they allow you to match colors to a tee. 

Don't forget the many uses a belt can provide. When used along with a tunic-style top or around a jumpsuit, they can create the ideal silhouette. Show your belt off when you wear it traditionally by tucking in the front of your top. 

Last, but not least, you need the right handbag to carry. This will set your Easter outfit off beautifully. Take advantage of a tote for plenty of room when it comes to carrying everything you need. Neutrals such as a buttercream or classic navy will match much more than just your spring wardrobe. If you have a more carefree attitude, choose a wristlet. These are just the right size for your phone and the bare necessities. 

Most importantly, have fun as you plan your Easter outfit. Take advantage of the spring colors, and create a look that showcases your personality for the world to see. The Pink Nickel is here to help you put together an affordable and amazing ensemble that you will love to wear again and again.