Winter Style Tips

Winter Style Tips

We are fresh into 2022 and things are not exactly heating up… The weather is starting to turn on us once again! If you’re anything like me, when the cold weather hits, I go straight for layers upon layers with my favorite knits and some textured accessories to top it off. 

We know that shopping for winter clothes can be a challenge, especially in Florida, but we have a secret tool to help you take the pressure off – online boutiques! It’s never been easier to shop for women’s clothing online, like Women's Dresses, and fashion designer pieces, than it is now!

For the winter season of 2022, women’s fashion trends are ALL about uplifting, mood-boosting, and statement-making colors, prints, and fabrics! It’s really all about living and having fun with fashion and life – who doesn’t love that? 

Here at The Pink Nickel, our mission is to make all women – aka YOU – feel comfortable and confident, one outfit at a time! This mission doesn’t change with the seasons, so don’t fret, we’ve got you covered come spring, summer, fall, or winter! 

Once the holidays come and go, (even in Florida) the temperature really begins to drop around these parts! It tends to be really easy to reach straight for those black basics that match the gloomy winter days, but I personally love to pull out some softer neutrals for this time of the year. It doesn’t just brighten my mood, – seasonal affective disorder is REAL! – but it also gets me really excited about the season ahead! Going for the softer shades like winter white, beige, blush, and pale blue is a fun and exciting way to mix it up from the usual dark winter neutrals! 

This winter, I have a few stand-out, drop-dead gorgeous pieces as my go-tos that I wanted to share:

  • Cropped Cardigan/sweater

  • Let’s start with the ever-so-lovely cropped cardi sweater. It’s a classic that never seems to leave the fashion trends! Not only is it chic, but it’s a standard, elegant piece that will take your winter wardrobe to another level. Don’t you love to look good AND feel good? Because, SAME HERE! When you grab this beautiful cardi as your statement piece, that’s exactly how it will make you feel AND look! 

    Cropped Cardi

    This sweater is the perfect transitional look for winter-to-spring, and if you’re from Florida, you know how challenging it can be to find those kinds of clothes! At The Pink Nickel, we love to have lots of bright-colored pieces in our shop, but when the winter season comes around, we tend to have a few more neutral pieces than usual! 

  • Shacket

  • Another go-to (Florida) cold weather piece for me is a warm shacket! It’s a trendy style that is going to be around for the foreseeable future. With Florida winters being so indecisive – filled with warmer days and then colder days – you should definitely have a shacket or two on hand! I love to throw these on top of any basic layer and go! Typically if the weather is pretty chilly I will even layer over a chunky sweater, but if there is just a small chill in the air, you can throw a shacket, like the Evolet Frayed Pocket Shacket over a simple basic with a long necklace to make it pop! 

  • Sweaters and Skinny Jeans or Leggings

  • Sweaters and Jeans are often another go-to for most winter days. You can always pair some comfy jeans with a light cardigan for days when it is in the 50’s or 60’s. Jeans are so accommodating for several different styles and looks. Whether you’re wanting to bum it with comfy jeans and a tee or dress them up with a longer tunic or cardigan, leggings are also a great piece to keep in your wardrobe all year round with many versatile style options. It’s always a good idea to keep a few cute skirts and shorts in your closet too because Florida will hit 80s in winter on occasion! 

    Kate Dolman Knit Sweater

  • Layering

  • Since the weather is so finicky, some days dropping to a frigid 30 degrees in the morning and then boosting all the way up to the 70s by lunch-time, we LOVE layering outfits in the winter months! It’s super easy to add layers on top of the basic colors! 

    5a. Leather Jackets

    Try layering an oversized blouse with a leather jacket to give your outfit a good proportion! If you try this look out, send us a picture on Instagram @thepinknickel! 

    5b. Jean Jackets

    Another tool we love to use when it comes to layering is the ever so loved jean jacket! Who doesn’t love a good jean jacket? Whether you want to wear it fitted or oversized, they are the perfect addition for any outfit! 

    Jonestown Pocketed Denim jacket

    Those are my favorite styling tips when it comes to the winter season! No matter what style you end up going with, you’re sure to get some compliments and encouragement! 

    What are your favorite winter season styling tips and tricks? We truly believe that sharing is caring and that’s why we love to share our tips and tricks with you and vice-versa – we love hearing them from you too! Share them with us and maybe your tip will end up on one of our upcoming blog posts!